GRC Prepares for 8 April!

As the Global Roma Coalition (GRC) gears up for the upcoming Roma Week in Brussels, the coalition is placing a strong emphasis on actionable outcomes and accountability. Scheduled for 8 April, Roma Week serves as a platform for activists, advocates, and concerned individuals to come together and demand real change for the Roma community across Europe.

Roma Week is more than just an annual event; it is a crucial opportunity to address the pressing issues faced by Roma communities. The GRC is calling on member states to fulfill their commitments to Roma inclusion and to allocate the necessary budget and resources to implement effective strategies.

Education, employment, access to essential services, and community engagement are key areas that require immediate attention. Tackling barriers to quality education, creating job opportunities, ensuring access to healthcare and housing, and fostering interethnic dialogue are essential steps towards improving the lives of Roma people.

"It's time to shift the narrative and focus on real solutions," said a spokesperson for the GRC. "Roma Week should be a wake-up call, not a celebration. We must hold member states accountable, demand real change, and ensure that Roma inclusion is more than just a talking point."

As activists and advocates prepare to attend Roma Week, the GRC is urging them to use this platform to demand answers from the European Commission and member state representatives. Questions about the lack of national budget for Roma inclusion, persistent poverty among Roma communities, and the violation of Roma human rights should be at the forefront of discussions.

"In closing, let us not allow Roma Week to be just another event on the calendar," the spokesperson added. "Let it be a catalyst for change, a rallying cry for justice, and a beacon of hope for the Roma community. Together, we have the power to demand real solutions and to ensure that Roma inclusion is not just a dream but a reality. The time for action is now. Will you stand with us?"

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