Our Mission


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The Global Romani Coalition is steadfast in its commitment to elevating the Roma community's presence and influence in global politics. Our mission is to orchestrate a cohesive, unified response to the diverse challenges faced by Roma communities worldwide, championing their rights and advocating for social justice on an international scale.


  • To achieve international recognition for the Roma as a stateless nation or non-territorial state, providing a formal and authoritative platform for advocating their rights and interests globally.

Core Principles:

The Coalition is grounded in the fundamental principles of democracy, human rights, and equality. These values guide our actions and strategies, ensuring alignment with universal standards of justice and fairness.

Mission Components (Short Term):

  • Increase Roma Representation in Global Politics:​

    • Actively work towards enhancing the representation of the Roma in international political forums and decision-making bodies. Advocate for the inclusion and active participation of Roma representatives in global policy dialogues and conferences.

  • Advocate for Policies Benefiting Roma Communities:

    • Lobby for and support the formulation and implementation of policies that positively impact Roma communities both nationally and internationally. Ensure these policies address the unique needs and challenges of the Roma, promoting their well-being and advancement.

  • Combat All Forms of Discrimination:

    • Vigorously oppose and combat all forms of discrimination against the Roma. Work towards eradicating systemic barriers and prejudices that hinder Roma rights and opportunities in various spheres.

  • Promote Roma History and Culture:

    • Undertake initiatives to promote and celebrate the rich history and culture of the Roma. Raise awareness about the Roma's cultural heritage and its significance within the global cultural context.

Through these concerted efforts, the Global Romani Coalition aspires to transform the narrative surrounding the Roma community, ensuring their voices are heard, their rights are protected, and their cultural identity is celebrated on a global stage. Our united endeavors aim to bring forth a new era of recognition, respect, and rightful representation for the Roma in the global community.