Meeting Recap: Addressing Unity, Nationalism, Mobilization, and Additional Concerns

In our recent gathering, we delved into discussions surrounding unity, nationalism, mobilization within the Roma community, and additional concerns raised by members, including issues facing Roma refugees in Germany. Deny and Janos (Jamie) provided pivotal insights into the opposition faced regarding Romani Nationalism, with references to viewpoints such as those expressed in Jonathan Lee's "There is No Roma Nation" and opposition from segments within the traditional Romani Kris community and various organizations.

Addressing Concerns in Germany: The meeting also brought to light concerns regarding the situation of Roma people in Germany, including challenges faced by Roma refugees. The discussion underscored the need for a unified approach in addressing the humanitarian and social injustices encountered by our community members across Europe.

Announcement of New Website and Members Only Section: Deny shared exciting news about a new website for the coalition, highlighting the development of a members-only section slated for launch on March 1st. This section will feature crucial tools for enhancing our collective efforts, including voting mechanisms, discussion forums, group activities, and a repository of best practices for our community.

Towards a Unified Declaration: Furthermore, Deny announced plans to draft a resolution, complete with a preamble that will also serve as our declaration. This pivotal document is set to be distributed on the 8th of April, marking a significant step forward in our collective advocacy and unity.

Democratic Transition and Organizational Structure: Grattan emphasized the importance of democratic transition within our movement, touching on the process of nominating or applying for roles within the secretariat. He highlighted the organization of teams or groups to undertake specific tasks, ensuring active contribution from all members in various areas such as raising awareness, marketing, recruiting new members, and lobbying efforts.

Call to Action for Support: In a significant call to action, Deny asked members to assist the World Roma Federation (WRF) in expanding the Mobile Holocaust Exhibit, a project that plays a crucial role in our efforts to raise awareness and educate the public about the history and resilience of the Roma people.

Conclusion: The meeting was a testament to our community's resolve to address internal challenges, confront external opposition, and solidify our efforts towards recognition and self-determination. By embracing democratic principles, enhancing our organizational structure, and mobilizing resources and support, we reaffirm our commitment to advancing the rights and well-being of Roma people globally.

Volunteers needed for:

  • Social Media Page & Group Administrators

  • Local Lobbying & Awareness Raising (in your country and cities)

  • WRF Holocaust Exhibit Expansion

  • Administrative Work (sending emails, updating website, keeping records etc)

  • Outreach & Recruitment